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AMC Financial Services (A Premier California Mortgage Broker).


  • 30 Year Fixed Rate Mortgages
  • Combination...... 80% 1st Trust Deed and 20% 2nd Trust Deed to pay off debt and have NO Private mortgage insurance.
  • ARM Loans starting as low as 1.00%
  • 95% Loan to Value - Purchase and Rate & Term
  • 100% Loan to Value - Purchase and Rate & Term - No Mortgage Insurance
  • Combination - 1st & 2nd to pay off debt - no Mortgage Insurance
  • Mortgage Reduction Program - You build Home Equity up to three times faster. Interest rates based on credit and Loan to Value.
  • Streamline Refinance - You may qualify for a "Streamline Refinance" which have no fees, no points and NO INCREASE in your loan amount.

  • Interest Only Loans fixed for 3, 7, & 10 years. Optional payment programs.

APPLY TODAY to receive your Free Loan Analysis at NO cost and NO obligation.


  • HELOC Home Equity Line of Credit up to $250,000

  • Debt Consolidation up to 110% Loan to Value. Reduce your monthly payments to one-half by consolidating your debts.

  • Home Improvements - Can be used for remodeling kitchens, baths, new flooring, swimming pools or room additional (to name a few).

APPLY TODAY to receive your Free Loan Analysis at NO cost and NO obligation.


  • Ability to Shop At Home You can inquire or submit an application for a loan in the privacy of your home or office and know that our site is secure.

  • Convenience AMC Financial Services is approved with over 70 different Lenders giving you the Borrower the advantage of our expertise in finding the program that will best suit YOUR needs and saving you countless hours going from one bank or lender to another.

  • Program Financing Options Several programs, rates, fees and payments for your comparison.

  • Loan Amortization Schedule We will create an amortization schedule for your mortgage - FREE.

  • No Up Front Fees You pay nothing for this service.  There are no fees unless we are able to fund the loan of your choice.

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