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Commercial Bridge Loans

Hard Money lending in this economy from a financial institution who can provide the commercial banking for Hard-To-Place Loans that can’t be funded by traditional lending institutions. AMC Financial can provide your business with the corporate funding solutions that you need, to take advantage of real estate opportunities, mortgage bond troubles and obtain the money you need to finance commercial real estate property deals that a typical lending institution won't underwrite.

AMC real estate funding will lend money to businesses using either commercial or residential real estate as collateral. Financial programs provide alternatives for corporate borrowers needing fast service and not fit the traditional lenders parameters.

The AMCfinancial lending program can provide hard moneyfinancing to $15,000,000, and seventy percent Quick Sales Value. AMC Financial problems are challenges, and Hard Money is available for commercial loans.

Lending Features

  • Hard Money Loans
  • One year interest terms
  • Up to 80% Loan To Value
  • Blanket Mortgage
  • Simple submittal and fast approval
  • Judgments, Foreclosures, tax liens
  • Commercial Properties
  • Two week closing

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